Bright Aluminium Coils


Alloy Temper Thickness Width
Range (mm) Range (mm)
1XXX H14/H18 0,20 – 0,30 1250
The bright products are ready for anodising. After the brightening and
anodising process, the surfaces offer a high degree of direct reflection
with minimal diffusion. High quality lighting is not only of benefit
with regard to energy savings, but also promotes  human healths.  The
bright aluminium is also used for decorative trim, retails display cases and
false ceilings.
Technical Specification
* Ready for anodising process
* Minimum diffusion, maximum reflection
* Maximum energy saving for lighting products
Area of Usage
* Reflector for lighting
* Decorative trim
* False Ceiling
* Retails Display Cases
* The products are covered by blue protective film



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